Belted Galloway Cattle

The Belted Galloway is a heritage breed of beef cattle originating from Galloway in the south-west of Scotland. They are adapted to living on the poor upland pastures and windswept moorlands of the region. The exact origin of the breed is unclear although it is often surmised that the white belt for which they are named and that distinguishes the breed from the native black Galloway cattle may be the result of cross-breeding with Dutch Lakenvelder belted cattle during the 17th & 18th centuries.

Belted Galloways are currently experiencing an upsurge in popularity due to their hardiness, top quality beef, good nature and not least their unique appearance! They will thrive outdoors in any climate due to their double coat which protects them from the worst the weather can throw at them. They are slow to mature and will fatten almost entirely on grass and hay / silage which means the beef (which is marbled) has a fantastic flavour and succulence!

Here at New Farm we run a herd of pedigree Belted Galloway cattle due to their striking looks, calm temperament and because they provide us with fabulous quality beef. If you drive past our farm or visit the shop you will see or herd happily grazing the pastures that surround us. During the spring and summer months you may be lucky enough to see the beautiful fluffy young calves as they run and play amongst their mothers.

Belted Galloway Beef Boxes

We offer Belted Galloway Beef Boxes at different times throughout the year. These are freezer ready packs of the full range of joints, steaks, stewing beef and minced beef all vacuum packed and labelled. Please call or text Jonathan on 07973 379 169 for orders and further information.